DPR seals Abuja petrol station for under-dispensing

An NNPC branded petrol station in Wuse 2 District of Abuja has been sealed up by the Zonal Office of the Department of Petroleum Resources, Abuja for under dispensing petrol to customers.


The station was accused of cheating customers by about 20 percent of actual litre of fuel.


Speaking on the activities of the station, the Zonal Operations Controller, Abuja, Abdu Abba Misau, said the latest incident made it the fourth time the station was being sealed.


He explained: “We have sealed this station four times and the last time it was sealed before being closed again today was just last week and we opened it on Friday. Now they’ve went back to what they do. We figured out that what the normally do is that during the day, they ratify the pumps and when they are sure that we (DPR) has closed from work, they will set the pumps to under-dispense. 


“And this time, it is the worst under-dispensing that I’ve ever seen in my career here, because they are cheating the public. They under-dispense two litres on every 10 litres that they sell to the public, which translates to selling one litre of PMS at N181. We cannot just close our eyes and allow them to continue this illicit act”.


Misau said for being a repeated violator of DPR rules, the station will remain sealed for the next four months.


According to him, “We have sealed this station severally and put a penalty, which they paid and are comfortable in paying, but always transfer the penalty to the public. We can’t allow them to continue doing that and so this time around we are going to apply a maximum sanction, which means that the station will remain sealed for the next four months, after which we can now take a decision on them”.


He appealed to NNPC to monitor those who use its franchise to trade and that the its name is not used to cheat consumers.


“We know the NNPC is doing everything possible to make this product available at government controlled price. So I want to appeal to NNPC, it should not allow a businessman that does not have conscience to continue using its logo to cheat the public. The NNPC needs to look into this issue and see how it can solve this problem”, he added. 

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