Human capital development : NDCP says human capital is our greatest asset.


One of the newly registered political parties, the Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP), has said that human capital development would be the priority of the NDCP says it’s national leader and presidential aspirant, Dr. Johnson Edosomwan,
Human capital is our greatest asset as a nation, therefore without human capital development, infrastructure wouod not work.
We would empower Nigerians with the right tools to get the work done, and after human capital development we would tackle infrastructure.
When we talk of infrastructure we are not just looking at roads, we are looking at high speed trains, airports, we would use more than oil, solar energy, wind energy, and possibly nuclear energy.
We have done this in other countries, we can do it here at home. He said.
When asked his opinion on the sequence of the 2019 general elections, he said,
“We need a government that is supported by the people and run by the people; if the voice of the people says that the sequencing of the election is the right thing to do, that will be the right way to go. Now, if that is what they are proposing, they (legislators) need to dialogue with the president. As a Nigerian, I will recommend that you listen to the voice of the people,”.

The national leader of NDCP and presidential aspirant, Dr. Johnson Edosomwan, stated these yesterday in Abuja at the party’s maiden national convention, executive meeting, and training for state representatives and strategy launch for membership drive.
According to him, the party was poised to overhauling the nation through manpower development and infrastructure as well as massive job creation, if given the opportunity.
“Our party will develop energy mix; exploiting solar, wind, nuclear and other sources of energy. We waste too much time talking about the problems, but all we need is solution; plans of action,” he said

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