“Media Strategist, @Azizauko endorses @AdeyanjuDeji as PDP spokesperson”

Mrs Aziza Doughlas Uko, the Publisher and Executive Editor of  The Trent, one of the leading Nigeria’s internet Newspaper has endorsed Prince Deji Adeyanju as spokesperson of the opposition party, People’s Democratic Party.


Her statement reads in part:


I will never support a nonentity who emerges from nowhere to snatch an opportunity to lead any arm of the PDP.


Anyone who has been silent since May 2015, has done or said nothing to attract the anger of Buhari’s minions is not qualified for the position of spokesperson of the party.


If you have not demonstrated fearlessness in the face of tyranny. You have not shown any kind of commitment to the cause of opposing this draconian government in anyway, shape or form.


You have not mobilized fellow opposition voices – in any way, shape, or form… Then you just wake up from hibernation and want to lead the communication charge for the PDP… The party should reject such candidates because your motives and intentions are questionable and we cannot trust that you would stand firm and fight for us and with us when it is crucial.


The PDP needs leaders that we know will look Buhari, and the APC, squarely in the eye and tell him to go to hell. The battle ahead is one for the soul of this country, it won’t be a walk-in-the-park.


You need a leader who accepts responsibility. You need fearlessness. You need someone who knows how to navigate the modern media ecosystem. You need a political strategist. You need a team builder.


You need a tested fighter. A warrior. I have to say that anyone whose name is unknown after 18 months of this struggle is a coward who is beholden to the powers of the day and cannot be trusted to lead the communication charge for the PDP. Communication is not about issuing press releases or signing statements. Neither is it about dropping sound bites or trending hashtags.


Communication is warfare and warfare is 80% strategic thinking. With the rapid changes in the communication technology, how we live, consume news and information, any serious organization focused on surviving into the future cannot afford to employ anyone with a traditional media mindset to manage its communication department.


This is why I endorse Deji Adeyanju for the position of National Publicity Secretary for the PDP. Though I am not a member of the party and therefore cannot vote, I will put all my resources at his disposal.


With God on his side, I believe Deji will win this for the youth of the PDP.

Originally posted 2016-08-13 10:38:29.

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