Nigerians are dying of starvation under Buhari – Ebube Muonso

The spiritual Direc­tor of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anam­bra State, Rev Fr Em-manuel Obimma, (aka Ebube Muonso) yester­day informed President Muhammadu Buhari to do something fast and save millions of Nigeri­ans dying of hunger.

Obimma, who spoke exclusively to our Reporter, insisted that the change in Ni­geria now under Presi­dent Buhari wasn’t the change the people bar­gained.

Ebube Mounso as he is known informed that before President Buhari came on board, there was a clarion call for change but said the type change he brings is not the type Nigerians have been ad-vocating for.

He prayed for capable hands that can manage the economy of the na­tion and save the coun­try from continued em­barrassment.

Obimma said, “It is a known fact that our economy is simply bastardised. Nigeria’s economy is in shambles. I will like to use this me­dium to tell Buhari that Nigerians are crying. As priests of God, we are the people receiv­ing feedback from the people. When things are getting so bad, we are the people they run to.

“For me, Buhari is not measuring-up as President. Before he was voted in as President, the Holy Ghost revealed to me that he would win the election, but that his reign would be a doom to Ni-gerians. The Presidency needs to do something fast because people are dying. Go to hospitals, peoples are lying helplessly. Some Nigerians today cannot afford their house rents. There is hun-ger every­where. People are dying. Buhari, people are dying in your hands”, he said.

Continuing further, he said, “We need ca­pable hands that can manage the economy of this na-tion; finest brains, super economic teams that will handle different sectors of the government be-cause as it stands now, it is quite clear that the whole thing is far beyond that capacity of Presi-dent Buhari. It is just like asking a mechanic to man a plane as pilot or to captain a ship. In a situ-ation like that, the whole crew will perish.”

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