To most of us that followed Legor during the post Liyel era as an ex commissioner, he was an extraordinary leader! One that could pull the strings beyond fictions and rumors. He spelt a new definition of leadership in the state. It is most amazing how shocked the center was then.

Capacity! Took the name “Legor” to unbearable heights. So many didn’t know, but later got to know because the name was already a state brand he himself built with performance. The name “Legor” reminded children how the almost forgotten can climb up a ladder submerged with torn. Legor spelt a Bekwarra, Obudu, Obanliku that needed not just B nor an O, but needed vibrancy and participatory leadership. Unlike many other political leaders in the state, Legor is not just a politician, but an ideologist that understands the fundamental concept of impactful leadership. Just two minutes with the outstanding lawyer explains why God carved him out of many to serve humanity.
An insight into Legor’s activities in the Green Chambers says it all! He is the definition of what a 21st century leader should be made of. Soft-spoken, intelligent, smart, resourceful, welcoming and above all “he listens”. The relationship he has with his constituents is extraordinary! He is always there to listen to their plights. His constituency projects are breathtaking, exceptional and impactful. In Cross River State, the name “Legor” is synonymous to “Performance”. He has built classroom blocks where trees served as classrooms. He has built boreholes where water was a challenge. He has distributed transformers where having electricity was an imagination. He has built skill acquisition centers where farming was the only source of livelihood. Legor has built hope in every village in Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku Federal constituency. From the hills of Sankwala to the beautiful landscapes of Ugboro, Legor have built wonderful legacies in every community.

In the House, his voice commands passion. His bills and motions says it all. He speaks for the locals. He is a friend of all. A partyman that understands legislative business. Why is Legor this popular? Is it because he is a one time Local Government Chairman? Is it because he is a One time Commissioner? No! It is because he is an achiever that has always created positive impact wherever he finds himself.

Hon. Legor Idagbo is a dream come through, He is a friend to his people, He is a true leader.

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