Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi (OBA): Opinion of an outsider… By Nwafor Ellonna


If a man is positive, tenacious, incisive, brave,adventurous and dogged, he is most likely Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi.
One of the few “Ezenwas” (born to lead).
If the name and nature of a man cannot be separated from leadership, then he is Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi (OBA).

The word “OBA” does not just connote the principal traditional ruler in both Benin and Yoruba kingdoms, but also the name given to the king Komodo that controls the forest of it’s region in IBO land..

I have known Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi for more than half of a decade. This period of professional engagement and collaboration gave me an humbling insight into a man of passion, compassion, energy and intellectual mobility.
Hate him, despise him, envy him, but you will answer when he calls and follow when he leads.

You may dislike his voice, but you will listen when he speaks.
You may disagree with him, but you will know that he is right.
You may have another in mind, but you will settle for Omoluabi that I can assure you.

The first professional engagement I had with him was a project that emerged an eye opener for me in the media industry. Omoluabi’s firm had just been engaged for a media advocacy engagement to promote positive public opinion and reception for a product of one of the multinationals in Nigeria. In the course of execution of the project, I discovered a professional that is full of ideas and natural endowment in public relations and highly experienced brand communication expert. The lifetime of the project became a learning and discovery time for all of us outsourced.

The success of the project endeared him to me permanently.

By the beginning of 2016 Omoluabi invited me for another media engagement that turned out to be another learning experience for me. This time around President Buhari had just endorsed the full Implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy and its success had attracted the anger of certain powerful forces in Nigeria thereby leading to a probe by the Nigerian Senate. The process of investigation in the national assemby had caused the initiator of this beautiful idea alot of public embarrassment and their integrity brought into public opprobrium hence the services of a very reputable and result-driven media firm was earnestly needed. Omoluabi’s Africa Media Roundtable Initiative came on board and the image of TSA soared unimaginably. In the course of implementing the strategic communication plan for this important job, I discovered another side of Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi.

He demonstrated rich capacity for economic analysis, legislative ingenuity and media contact across major media organisations. The public opinion about TSA has made it to emerge the best decision of the Buhari administration.

Omoluabi can only be one thing,” a Leader”.
Omoluabi can only be in one place,”at the helm”.
There is only one option open to you, “support him”.
Omoluabi and Leadership deserve each other.

In the civil society activism, Omoluabi has also shown strong ability and leadership capacity. He has spearheaded and actively led uncountable number of advocacy as a Civil Rights activist and public opinion analyst.

He led the CSO roundtable that interfaced between the people and the Armed forces in the discemination of information and strategic communications in the Operation Lafiya Dole military operation in the NorthEast to fight insurgency. He led the voice of different civil society organisations in the protest against federal government disobedience to court order which in the opinion of the civil society was leading to anarchy. Omoluabi was also a leading voice that spoke and advocated in the interest of the public during the budget padding saga among many other national struggle executed in national interest.

As a politician, my relationship with Omoluabi offered me an honest view into the life of a selfless and forgiving leader. His political activities is that of a leader with focus whose political objectives centers on the welfare, growth and progress of the people.

I have been privileged to listen to Omoluabi severally about his Senatorial ambition and I can safely state that it is nothing short of genuine attempt and concern to uplift the welfare of his people and enthrone a leadership that works for the people.

I therefore humbly enjoin the people of Kogi West to consider the qualities of Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi and give him the privilege of holding forth for them in the Senate by 2019.

Nwafor Ellonna,
Executive Director,
Media Access Initiative

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