My people. My beloved People… looking at myself I see you all inside me…. The Hierophant feels
the wisdom of his fathers….. the  loving system…. The latest and yet the oldest system of creation… the only system  that recognizes all the religious .. accepting each others independence …. Every body should be free to decide how to live his life spiritually and physically  as long as  he does no harm to others…. The loving  System… the original system of  my forefathers that united us into homogenous groups.. Tradition… all united by loving principles.. bind  people together to love and accept themselves as a people,,,. The diseases, jealousy is finally destroyed….  WE ARE ALL EACH OTHER … one unit in many … In My Own paradigm… I have submitted totally to the loving system ….. I am swimming in love.. totally protected by living love..  everybody starts realizing that they are all one…. They feel … they  feel love deeply… so deep that transformation takes place… transmutation takes place…. The arrival of Man..the priest king of creation.  The image of  Divine love… leading creation to the golden age of awareness.. pure communication.. light streaming forth … the sweetness of all life existing  manifests…. And the bitterness in the air disappear.. the air is sweet and fresh with love divine … the loving system …  Allah is great … Jehovah is great… Olodumare is great.. Chukwu is great … etc.  Jesus.   Mohammad,, Budha.. all are great symbols of love..  all the religions have love interwoven into the fabric of their system.. so the love system interconnects all religions … all existing as beacons of light … beacons of truth.. my heart is so tenderly loving my people..inter religious peace will install political peace.. the loving system … the system of loving.. when you attack me with hatred.. I smile produces great love for you.. changing you to a loving being…. For you are a child of love too…. Stop looking at your brothers system as bad… if he likes your system he will come by himself according to the law of attraction of homogenous species… love is my power… my everything..the system of loving…the loving people start laughing more and more… dancing spirits arrive… bringing sweet songs of love from creation..ooohhh..a beautiful, powerful wave of sweetness descends on earth….gentle sweetness..healing sweetness..i am a living image of sweetness…a sweetness that cannot be sick..immune to all forms of negative attacks both spiritual and physical..the loving system..our system..the system of immorality…. The religion that loves all religions of truth eternal… the religion of Love.

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