2019: No Vacancy for APC in Taraba, says gov media man.

In spite of a high profile decampment, Monday, Senior Special Assistant to Governor Darius Ishaku, Emmanuel Bello, has said the All Progressive Congress (APC) has no viable path to victory in Taraba state in 2019.

A former minister of labour in the government of President Good luck Jonathan, Senator Joel Ikenya had on Monday defected to the APC, sparking fears that the APC is angling to capture power.

But allaying such concerns, Bello said the APC is not on ground in Taraba state to warrant any worry. He said, “our people are very politically conscious. They have seen all that APC is doing in the central government. All the suffering visited on us as a people came from APC. All the violence, the hunger in the land and the pains, these are all the handwork of APC. If we don’t pay salaries as when due, you can rest assured that it is APC at work. But even as this is the case, the government of Governor Ishaku is doing its best to address the problems caused by APC. That is why our people have associated the APC with everything negative. They don’t want to hear the name, let alone vote for it.”

Ikenya, who was a former minister, was formerly in the APC before joining PDP to get a ministerial appointment under the Jonathan administration. He was recently invited by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over the dasukigate saga.

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