Group Pass Vote of Confidence on Buhari, Amnesty Boss ,Condemns faceless protesters


The meeting was held on the 18th of September, 2018 to consider but not limited to, as a matter of top priority, the purported protest by unknown people under the guise of ex-militants from Bayelsa State and to reiterate its support for President Mohammadu Buhari for appointing Prof. Charles Dokubo as Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The group considered the following and resolved as follows:

To warn and condemn the faceless protesters
It was brought to our notice that a group of faceless people parading to be ex-militants on Monday, 16th September, 2018, blocked the Bayelsa area of the East West Road and halting economic activities in a purported protest against the coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. It is worthy to note that this group of persons are sponsored by detractors and enemies of the Niger Delta region;

Salt Water Ex-Agitators shall protect their own
The group agreed that it would protect its own in the person of Prof. Charles Dokubo, the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, with all it has. Stating that they are aware that the agitation from their brother Ijaws from the freshwater axis who had held this office from inception has not given Prof. Charles Dokubo the needed support and has made efforts to remove and rubbish his hard and genuine efforts to reposition the Niger Delta. It is vital to note at this point that no segment of the Ijaws totally own the Presidential Amnesty Programme. This is necessary to note because our freshwater Ijaw brothers lay unfounded claims as to the ownership and superiority of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. This they have shown through their actions and inactions over the years.

Support for Muhammadu Buhari
The group reiterated its unflinching support for President Muhammadu Buhari, stating that he is a man of integrity, little wonder he appointed a man of integrity to head the Presidential Amnesty Programme, and that they are committed to the re-election of the President considering his genuine concern for the Niger Delta region.

We Passed Vote of Confidence on Prof. Charles Dokubo’s leadership of the Amnesty Programme
We therefore pass a vote of confidence on the leadership of Prof. Charles Dokubo of the Amnesty Programme who in a short while had repositioned the programme, the Amnesty Programme had received tremendous boost and significant development, from prompt payment of stipends to appropriate award and execution of contracts and ensuring relative peace in the Niger Delta region, therefore he deserves the support from all and sundry.

For: Salt Water Ex-Agitator Generals Otonyemieba kuna Aka
General Obenes


For: The Sombreiro Voice
Comr. Eferebo Opakariari

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