Idris Alkali: GBONG Gwom Jos, Jang behind missing Army General — Group alleges in during protest to Minister of Justice 

A group of protesters in their thousands, in the early hours of Wednesday marched to the office of the Attorney General of the Federation over the missing of Major General Idris Alkali.
Alkali who is the immediate past Chief of Administration, Army headquarter, Abuja was declared missing on the 3rd of September on his way to Bauchi after leaving Abuja in the morning.
The protesters who converged under the auspices of Good Governance and Change have fingered two prominent Nigerians, the Gbong Gwom Jos and immediate past Governor of Pleateau State, Senator Jonah Jang as brains  behind the incident.
Leading the protest, Oke Nwanchukwu, the group called the attention of the Minister of Justice to the genocidal acts been perpetuated in Plateau State,  Nigeria.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Nwanchukwu said the march became necessary because they cannot continue to watch as defenceless and unarmed women and children are maimed and dismembered on a daily basis by selfish anarchists   on the basis of political, ethnic and religious affiliations varying with their paymasters.
He claimed that the killings in Plateau State were spearheaded by politicians in cahoots with traditional rulers with underlining political aggrandizement.
According to him, the former Governor of Plateau State, David Jonah Jang, “is by every inch the number one instigator of the various killings in the state.”
Just yesterday, some protesters, under the aegis of ‘The Faithfu,’ called for the prosecution of Jang, for allegedly sponsoring the endless killings in Plateau.
Nwanchukwu said, “We remind you sir, that as governor, Jang had set the ground plan for the anarchy witnessed today on the Plateau  when he established and armed a killer squad of young men of Berom ethnicity with a marching order to torture and kill, even without provocation.  And one of such groups is called “The Jungle Boys.”
“This plot is not unknown to the traditional ruler of the Berom Ethnic group in Plateau state, Gbong Gwom of Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba, who also is the Chairman  of Plateau Council of Chiefs with him playing a central role as a principal accomplice in the heinous crimes been perpetuated in Plateau State.
“It based on the above that we have come here to call on your bring to your attention the urgent need to intervene in the on going cannibalism on the Plateau before an ethnic cleansing agenda will be completed .
“It will interest you to know that thousands of women have been made widows as a result of the wanton killings ongoing in Plateau state, just as men have also become widowers with thousands of children also  orphaned just to satisfy the wicked motives of a group of people that have arrogated the power of life and death to themselves.
“We are also using this medium to formally announce to the whole world that Plateau State is now a killing field as it stands. What the media is reporting is a mere tip of the iceberg, as the scale of ethnic cleansing is already in the ranks of the Burundi massacre.
“We hereby also categorically state that the recent kidnapp and subsequent death of Major General Alkali was a handiwork of these devilish elements and several others who have been murdered silently as uncovered in the recent unearthing of evidence in the lake.
“This action has become very necessary as these
  devilish instigators of the killings in Plateau state have also succeeded in infiltrating the media in a bid to cover up their nefarious activities.
“Consequently, we decided to take this bold step, even at the detriment of our lives because we know that we would be their targets for having the boldness to expose their evil acts.”
The group further called on the Federal Government to as a matter of expediency constitute a panel of inquiry to unravel the masterminds of this sadistic occurrence in order to save valuable Nigerian lives.
“It is also pertinent that the already identified instigators and sponsors of this violence in the persons of David Jonah Hang and the Gbong Gwom His, Jacob Gyang Buba be called to book in order to prevent further loss of innocent Nigerian just in a bid to satisfy political and ethnic yearnings.
“We also wish to state that should any harm come the way of any of us, the duo of David Jonah Jang and the Gbong Gwom Jos, Jacob Gyang Buba should be held wholly responsible,” Nwanchukwu added.

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